The Speedy File Renamer™

What is the Speedy File Renamer?

It is a very simple application which can be used for adding, modifying, and removing batch file name preffixs, suffixs and any matching text specified, so if you have a folder full of files, that all start with the same text, such as "picture001", "Picture002" etc. you can use this program to remove the "Picture" text, or replace it with something else, or even add text after the file name !

This program is VERY fast, I tested this program on a duplicate folder of one I use for one of my websites, where there were almost 300 files, all of them starting with the text "m_", this program renamed all of the files, in about 1 second ! (I am using a PowerMac G4 1.2GHz with 1.3GB of RAM! so you may well see slightly slower speeds).

What can it do ?

It can add text to the beginning or end of a file name, or search for a specific string (geek speak for text phrase), it can be used to remove existing text, or modify it, by replacing it with different text.

All you need to do is tell it what folder to use, it will load the file names into a list, and then you can set up the options as required.

I have built the software for PPC (MacOS8, MacOS9) and Carbon (OS9 with carbonlib, OSX), I also have a version for Windows, at the moment it looks like the Windows version will work correctly, but I have not tested it, hopefully someone tries it and lets me know of any problems I could not find, I am a Mac user, and have only done a small amount of testing on the PC version.

Once I have any newer versions ready for release you will find them right here, plus you can use the "Check For Update" feature to check remotely.

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