This site is for the Hotline server bot, known as The DefBot ™

What is the DefBot ?

To put it simply, it is the Definitive Bot (DefBot for short), meaning it is the last Hotline bot you will ever need, we designed this bot to do just about everything a server operator could possibly need it to do, hey, if you find something it doesn't do we may add it to its functions the next time we update it !

It will work with HotLine Server 1.2.3 and above, so no worries about compatibility !

History of how The DefBot was created

I was on my hotline server one day and a user logged on, we got chatting about a few things, and somehow we started talking about making a new hotline bot, one that does just about everything you could think of, that was the moment that The DefBot was born.

Well, before I knew it, Mark (aka The Reaper) and I, had a working bot, I did a lot of the GUI (Graphical User Interface), images and bug testing, Mark did most of the code (I was learning it as we went).

We both worked on the bot at the same time, uploading and downloading each update for the other person to work on, it worked out really well.

What can it do ?

It can do a great deal, every time we thought of a function, we added it ! Here is just a short list to give you an idea:

Customized messaging, news, file transfers, multiple server connections, kicking, banning, custom commands, upload and download status per user, user history (what they uploaded or downloaded, connections, kicks, bans and why), IP and nickname enforcement, queuing and multiple login checks, server logs, icon lists, HL bookmark management, sound effects, rule enforcement, obscene language filters for received messages, and HEAPS more stuff, we have made it very customizable, you will be amazed at how much you can do with the bot, you wont need to have a client connected to your server anymore, the bot will do everything the client does, and a LOT more !

We have built the bot for PPC (MacOS8, MacOS9) and Carbon (OS9 with carbonlib, OSX), we are going to see if it is possible to build it for Windows, at the moment it looks like it will work correctly, but some features may not be accessible, hopefully someone tries the BETA version for Windows and lets us know of any problems we could not find, myself and The Reaper are Mac users, we have only done a small amount of testing on the PC version.

Once we have any newer versions ready for release you will find them right here, plus you can use the "Check For Update" feature of The DefBot to check remotely.


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