Trackers Window

The DefBot now allows users to do searches on trackers, for server names and descriptions etc.

About the Trackers


The Bot has a Trackers Window, which will allow you to add and search any active trackers.

To add a tracker to the list click on the button to "Add a new tracker", enter the details of the tracker and then click the "Add" button, the tracker will now appear in the list.

To do a search enter the search term in one of the text boxes provided, for example, if you wanted to find a server whose name contains the word "The", enter that word in the name filter box, then click on the disclosure triangle for the tracker you wish to search on, the bot will filter out all other servers that do not have "The" as part of the name and only display the ones which do.

To connect to the server, highlight it and click on the connect button, it will display the "Hotline Bookmarks" window showing the servers IP address, where you can also enter a login and password if required, you can choose to save it as a bookmark, or you can click "Add to List" which will add the server to the list in the "Server Connections List" window, ready for the preferences to be setup for the connection (if required).


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