How to set the Preferences

This page outlines the preferences window for the bot, and shows you what the more important parts do.

Login Settings

This is the first "Tab Pane", it allows you to setup various key options.

The "Login" is for the bot so it can connect to its own account that has been setup on the server, you specify the IP or domain name address, if the server is running on the same computer as The DefBot you ca set the IP as which loops internally rather than going through the internet, which speeds it up a lot.

"Auto Connect" is to have the bot automatically connect to the server, the options explain themselves.

"Proxy" is when you are connecting through a proxy server.

"Logs" are the log options for the bot, it will save log files for each option, we have setup the more common options to be enabled, suggest you leave them on.

Bot Settings

This is the second tab pane.

"Server and Log Files Location" should setup the path to the hotline server folder, it allows the bot to access the servers log files and allows more features of the bot to work, such as the user history window which relies on having access to the server logs.

"Server Logs " is for the log options, "Load Server Logs" makes the bot load the logs, the "load File list" option makes the bot scan the directories in the server files folder for the bot to load the file information, for things such as file searches and unfinished uploads.

"File Indexing" is for the bot to build a listing of the files on the server, this is used mainly for the file search functions.

"Enable Short File List Reloading" is an option for listing the files on any server that The DefBot is connected to.

Client Settings

This is a little more for the interactive side of things, you can tell the bot to not show received messages (it wont open a window with the message in it), then there is my favorite part, you can tell the bot to play sounds for certain events or actions, just select the event you want a sound to be played for by checking the check box and choose a sound from the pull down menu for each one, we may later release other sound bundles for use with the bot, you can also choose the bots volume level, compared to other system sounds.

"File Transfers" is for the clients file handling, just like a normal hotline client, you can tell it to queue the transfers.

Extended Commands

The Extended commands feature is not yet implemented.

Ban List

The Ban List shows the users that have been added to the ban list, when they connect to the server they will be disconnectect.


You will like this one, how often have you wished you could have the computer turn on connect to the net and start up the server, bot and IP software, all without you having to do a thing, well now you can !

Just select the application that you wish to have launched, the delay before it launches and you are all set, all you need to do is tell the computer to launch The DefBot at startup, in OS8/OS9 drop an alias of The DefBot into the startup items folder in the system folder, in OSX add it to the "Login Items" in the system preferences.

There are several different Launch and Quit options, you can even tell the bot to launch the server if it connect connect to it, handy if the server crashes.

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