Server Connections List Window

(Multiple Server Connections)

The DefBot now allows users to use more than one server connection at a time, you can use the bot on more than one server at the same time, or use the bot on your server whilst using another connection for downloading on someone elses !

About Multiple Server Connections


The Bot has a Server Connections List window, which shows the available connections (including previously saved ones), which ones are active, and allows you to switch between them, modify, create or delete connections easily.

The bot has default preferences for the connection, so when you first use the bot the original set of preferences will be used.

To create a new connection just click on the "+" button, you can also select "New" from the "File" menu.

When a new connection is created its preferences are created from new, using the default setup, you will need to enter the server address and login etc. for each new connection added to the list, this is done by clicking on the connection you wish to setup and then clicking on the preferences buttons (or selecting Preferences from the "Windows" menu), once the connection is setup it is saved in the list so you can go back and use it again without having to set it up again.

To open a connection click on the connection in the list and click on the connect button (or use the "Connection" menu instead), it will attempt to connect to the server.

It is easy to switch between connected servers, just click on the one in the list and now everything done is on that server, news, files, user list, preferences etc.

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