Known Bugs or Limitations

This is a list of known bugs or limitations that we are already aware of, if you find more please let us know so we can try to fix them.

These may only be applicable to the OSX version of The DefBot and Hotline Server 1.9.1, these bugs were found during testing in OSX (10.2.6).

When doing a Permanent Ban with the bot the nick name is corrupted in the "Ban" window of the Server "Options":

This is a bug in the server where it accepts the permanent ban from the clients, the HL Client also causes the same display to happen, so we know it is not the bot itself causing the problem, the permanent ban function works perfectly otherwise.

When doing a Temporary Ban under some circumstances it may cause the server to later crash:

We believe that this is another bug with the server itself, we can not find a reason for this happening, we suggest that you avoid using the temporary ban function if you have problems with your server crashing after using it.

The "Download Spy" option in the Preferences is not yet fully implemented:

The bot will kick anyone downloading if this is turned on as it is now, we will have it working properly in the final version or in future Beta versions.

The "HL Server Accounts" only work if the bot is on the same computer as the server:

The bot currently relies on being on the same computer as the server and uses a path to read the servers user accounts, we are trying to fix this so that the bot can be on a remote computer accessing the server through the net, we hope to get it working properly in future versions.

Hopefully later versions of The DefBot or Hotline Server will correct the above bugs.

Other things that may interest you

Hotline messages can only have a maximum of 255 characters:

We have allowed the bot to send larger messages by having it send multiple messages, it will be rare for this to be noticed, the only times that this should occur is when a user has downloaded or uploaded a lot of files and the message lists the files transferred, or if the list of commands is sent for a person with full admin access as well as having other text in the message, like can be setup in a welcome message, this is not a bug, it is just something that addresses a limitation in Hotline which would otherwise limit the amount of text to 255 characters.

Bug Reports

If you find any bugs or think of a feature that would be useful please post them on The DefBot forum which can be found here:

The DefBot Forum

Please report bugs to us so that we can try to fix them and release a better version !

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