Defpom's CB Radio Simulator ™

What is the CB Radio Simulator?

It is a application which can be used for troubleshooting CB radio faults, by giving a graphical display of the normal operating frequencies generated by various parts of the CB radios circuits, it can help you identify if a frequency is incorrect or even missing.

Another good use for this software is simulating possible frequency expansions, as it allows you to choose any frequency that the PLL is capable of generating, so you can see what the radio will allow you to get !

You can even select a different loop oscillator frequency and see how that changes the operating frequencies as well !

What can it do ?

It can do a great deal, every time I thought of a function, I added it ! Here is just a short list to give you an idea:

Selectable PLL type, Binary or BCD PLL "N" code display, as well as the decimal and hex codes for each channel, PLL "N" code listing, graphical CB simulator to show what frequencies are present, selectable loop oscillator and carrier oscillator frequencies in case you have a radio which is not covered by the automatic simulator, Decimal, binary and hex converter.

I have built the simulator for MacOS9, OS X, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and later (XP etc.). As I am a Mac user, I have only done a small amount of testing on the PC versions.

Once I have any newer versions ready for release you will find them right here, plus you can use the "Check For Update" feature to check remotely.

This software was tested by Softpedia and was given the 100% clean award, please click on the image for more information.

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